Total Black look with accessories that stand out, for Milan Fashion Week 2024

Look Total Black con Accessori che si fanno notare, per la Milano Fashion Week 2024

Milan Fashion Week 2024 also this year gave us some super interesting trends that emerged from the catwalks.

But among the new look ideas that debuted in the various catwalks, there are also those that emerged among the guests of the various events and fashion shows and which can be a source of inspiration for all of us. Our team, in fact, had fun photographing the looks that struck us most, let's see them together.


In a previous article on our blog we discussed the beauty of the total black look and talked about how black is in fact a choice of timeless and timeless elegance . If you missed it you can find it at this link .

It is a color that lends itself to various interpretations and above all leaves room for the creativity of the wearer, to further enhance it.

Among the total black looks that we liked, we bring you the one proposed by Sasha Ray , queen of elegance in this photo, who once again enchants us with her style choices.

For her we have a total black look, with intense smokey eye makeup and a simple updo that gives her a sophisticated and regal allure, like a true diva. To give character to her total black look she chooses silver accessories that definitely stand out and elevate her beauty to the nth degree.

The jewels chosen by Sasha Ray for this look are a lump chain from the ROMA line by BITTI Milano, in a galvanic silver variant.

The silver stands out on the black jumpsuit with mock neck, unchallenged, and creates an extremely sophisticated and refined look.

Silver jewel

Flaminia necklace, by BITTI MILANO, ROMA collection.

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Total black choice, but with a more rock and decidedly super sexy cut, combined with gold accessories, instead for the extraordinary Diana Ganeeva .

In black leather, pair with Chanel half gloves that you can find at this link

Earrings from the same maison, and a super rock necklace from the ROMA line by Bitti Milano, the Flaminia necklace, in the version with 24 carat gold plating.

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Stay tuned because we will share more news about Milan Fashion Week 2024.

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