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The fashion world is constantly evolving, and the latest trends have brought a breath of freshness and audacity. A particularly fascinating phenomenon is the return in style of the extremely popular Barbie, the iconic doll that has inspired generations of girls, and that with the recent release of her film on the big screens is depopulating all over the world. Along with Barbie, neon looks have re-established themselves as a dominant trend. In this article, we will explore the incredible phenomenon of the Barbie revival and discover how BITTI jewels can be a fundamental element to complete a real Barbie outfit .

The Return of Barbie: it is immediately Barbie-mania

The recent film trend of the Barbie movie has captured the attention of many, bringing this iconic doll to the big screen. Played by a stunningly beautiful Margot Robbie , the story of Barbie, with her eternal quest for self-discovery and desire to inspire young minds, has touched the hearts of many generations. Every aspect of this influential figure, from his positive values ​​to his glamorous style, has helped revive his popularity.

In fact, there was immediately a boom in Barbie mood everywhere. A good example of this is the Barbie villa in Malibu, obviously in strictly shocking pink , with a swimming pool, dance floor, relaxation area where true fans can stay overnight by booking on Airbnb.

Villa Malibu Barbie

Various fashion brands are also dyed in fluorescent colors, such as Gap, Crocs, and Zara who have launched real capsule collections dedicated to Barbie.

To all these collaborations in real barbie style is added a real boom on social networks of women and girls who share their fluorescent looks.

Capsule collection Gap for Barbie

Crocs capsule collection for Barbie

I Look Fluo: The Expression of Liveliness and Boldness

Parallel to the return of Barbie, the trend of fluorescent looks has literally lit up the catwalks and the streets. This explosion of bright colors is a hymn to boldness and liveliness, expressing the joy of living and self-confidence. From lime greens to bright pinks, through neon yellows and bright oranges, fluorescent has become the undisputed protagonist of contemporary fashion.

Fluorescent fuchsia in particular returned to hype already last winter 2022-23 when Pier Paolo Piccioli presented the electric shade of pink in collaboration with Pantone, renamed PP Pink for Valentino. Color has gone around the world and among celbs also thanks to the wonderful looks worn by celebrities such as Zendaya, who, among other things, was chosen by the maison as testimonial for an advertising campaign. Together with her, the names of other famous ones stand out such as Kiernan Shipka, Vanessa Hudgens, Anne Hathaway, Lizzo, Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, Glenn Close and Jenna Ortega who showed off extraordinary pink looks.

Jewels of the Burano di Bitti line: The Perfect Tune with the Style of a Real Barbie

In this vibrant combination of the return of Barbie and the neon wave, the jewels of the Burano line by Bitti stand out for their extraordinary ability to capture the essence of this modern trend. The gourmette chain painted in various shades of pink, in particular, is perfect for creating a real Barbie look, embellishing and illuminating the look with a touch of glamour.

Barbie and the pink Burano necklace

Burano Rosa necklace, with 24 carat gold galvanic musket

The Burano line features different nuances of pink ranging from blush pink, pink and fluorescent pink, available both in the 925 silver galvanized version and in the 24 carat gold version.

Bitti jewels in the Barbie palette

Burano jewels are not the only ones to present a real Barbie palette. The pink and fluo colors are also present on the BITTI body jewelry line and on the Porto line.

Their ability to combine craftsmanship and modern design makes them versatile accessories, suitable for both day and evening. The rosy paint on the curb, delicate and captivating, catches the light in an extraordinary way, giving the jewels a unique brilliance.

A Choice for Dreaming Souls

Like the Barbie that inspired millions of dreams, Bitti jewels are aimed at all dreamy souls who love to dare and shine with their own light. Wearing them means embracing your authenticity, revealing your playful and glamorous spirit.


The trend from the Barbie movie and neon looks has brought a breath of fresh air to the fashion world, and Bitti jewels prove to be the perfect accessory to express this bold and lively spirit. The curb chain from the Burano line and the Porto line, painted in various shades of pink, is an ode to femininity and brilliance, which marries perfectly with Barbie's charisma and timeless charm. Whether you're looking to relive magical childhood moments or embrace the essence of a bold trend, Bitti jewels are a stunning addition to the wardrobe of any lover of modern fashion and all-time Barbies.

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