The stone of fertility: the ruby zoicite

La Zoisite rubino: la pietra dai super poteri

The ruby zoicite is the most precious stone that BITTI boasts in the Montecarlo collection.

It is also known by the name of Anyolite, and its coloring is the result of the combination of two minerals, ruby and zoisite, which were discovered for the first time in Tanzania, specifically at the foot of the Kilimanjaro mountains.

When these two minerals are naturally combined into a single stone, giving it a myriad of facets that vary with the light.

It is said that this stone, according to legends, confers great powers thanks to the ability it has to align the root, heart and third eye chakras. In fact, their alignment gives rise to a great harmonic force capable of transforming negative energy into positive. For this reason, among the many properties of the stone, that of fertility is also listed.

The Montecarlo collection of necklaces and bracelets features the zoicite stone only in the gold variant. The gold-plated inlaid cups allow the stone to shine even more in its chromatic beauty.

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