Lapis lazuli: meaning, properties and benefits

Lapislazzuli: significato, proprietà e benefici

Have you ever admired the beauty of Lapis lazuli, defined as "the
stone of wisdom and inner truth"?

This stone has deep meaning and unique properties. It goes beyond the
simple aesthetic appearance.

Lapis lazuli was one of the most precious stones in ancient societies,
from Egypt to India, thanks to its powerful vibration. Its intense
energy allows her to access information from past lives and
from spiritual realms.

Lapis is recognized by its intense blue color, dotted with veins
golden pyrite. Let yourself be guided in this article to discover its history, its
meaning, properties and its many benefits.

lapis lazuli stone

Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

The meaning of lapis lazuli over the centuries has been compared to
different cultures. It has a thousand-year historical past.

The ancient Egyptians considered it a sacred stone and used it for
create amulets and jewelry, which were believed to provide protection and
healing. The Babylonians, Persians and ancient Greeks also knew Lapis Lazuli and used it for similar purposes.

In the Renaissance, it was used as a pigment to paint works of art, such as the famous Madonna and Child by Raphael.

The gemstone has unique historical and cultural significance.
Originally from Afghanistan, this precious mineral has fascinated women
ancient civilizations with its beauty and intense color, ranging from
blue, from deep blue to purple.

In ancient Egypt, the stone was highly valued and used for its
sacred qualities in the creation of precious objects such as amulets and jewels.
According to historical beliefs, it was thought to possess protective powers and
would allow you to communicate with the deities.

According to Greek mythology, it was formed from shooting stars and is believed
who possesses cosmic knowledge. This gemstone is commonly associated with the third eye and the ability to achieve greater intuition and

Today, Lapis Lazuli is still regarded as a stone of wisdom and truth,
often used in jewelry as a symbol of protection , healing and good luck .

Egyptian queen

Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a gem that has been appreciated since ancient times for its
physical and mental properties.

Physical properties

From a physical point of view it acts on different levels of the body.
Helps the proper functioning of the eyes by reducing vision problems.
It also helps reduce migraines, which can be related to your eyes
tired. Sleeping with a lapis lazuli stone next to your pillow helps
prevent insomnia.

It is believed to have effects on the throat chakra, improving
potentially respiratory function and reducing cough, especially in
asthmatic subjects.

Lapis lazuli uses the energy of water. Then regulate the kidneys and the
bladder. At the digestive level, this stone reduces vomiting and soothes
menstrual cramps.

The intense blue of lapis lazuli against the heat of burns. This is
also effective on the skin in case of inflammation or irritation, the stone
placed on the skin will help reduce the sensation of heat.

Psychic properties

In addition to its physical characteristics, lapis lazuli is recognized
for its remarkable psychic and spiritual qualities.

Popular in lithotherapy , this stone uplifts the soul and clears the mind.

It is the stone of communication. It brings confidence and courage to the wearer.
This security allows you to express your emotions and express yourself in
public more easily.

It is therefore a stone to be favored for people struggling against
shyness and want to open up to others or speak in front of an audience.
Get out of your privacy and interact with others will be more

Lapis lazuli helps fight anxieties and fears. It is suggested as
complement for the treatment of depression.

This stone promotes an open mind and enhances creativity , transforming intuitions into serene thoughts, for a clearer mind.

The benefits of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has been valued for centuries for its healing properties
and magical.

Let's find out some of its benefits together:

  • helps reduce stress
  • relieves migraine
  • helps fight insomnia
  • it can relieve the symptoms of allergies, especially those affecting the respiratory system
  • encourages greater self-confidence
  • relieves stomach ailments.
  • Additionally, it can break negative spells caused by backbiting, making it useful for spiritual protection.

Influence on the body and on the Chakras

Lapis lazuli would act primarily on hypertension problems.

This stone can also help with skin problems. The lapis lazuli
would contain minerals that can act effectively to heal muscles,
bones and fractures.

Endowed with blue energy, it acts mainly on the sixth chakra; the frontal chakra of the 3rd eye. But also on the fifth chakra; the throat chakra. The
lapis lazuli would therefore relieve migraines and headaches as well as allergies
related to the respiratory tract.

Lapis lazuli has been used in alternative medicine for centuries. Yes
believes it has healing properties for the body and mind, including the
stress reduction, increased concentration and promotion of
inner peace.

Also, it is said to have physical properties such as reduction
inflammation and improved blood circulation. Someone
people also use it to enhance creativity. However, it is
It is important to remember that alternative medicine is not a replacement for
traditional medicine and should only be used as a complement.

How to wear your Lapis Lazuli?

Used for centuries in jewelry, the benefits of Lapis Lazuli will help you
daily basis. Stone of communication, it is recommended to wear it as
necklace, so that it is in contact with the skin and that its virtues can
perform optimally.

Lapis lazuli will act on the throat chakra, the 5th chakra, to relieve respiratory problems related to allergies.

As a bracelet or ring, its intense blue will enhance any outfit.
A white shirt, jeans and his lapis lazuli ring to face one
work day full of meetings.

In rough stone, rolled or in pebbles, put the Lapis Lazuli on the bedside table
or under the pillow to improve the quality of your sleep. This stone you
it will also help you remember your dreams to better decipher them.

In case of anxiety, stress or sadness, hold a stone in your hand
Lapis Lazuli and focus on the positive to drive away negative thoughts.

blue lapis lazuli montecarlo necklace

How to recognize if a Lapis Lazuli is authentic?

Determining if a piece of lapis lazuli is real can be tricky.

The real stone has a characteristic deep blue color that it can present
small flecks of gold or silver that sparkle inside.

However, to test the authenticity of a stone, swipe it with the
marker-like porcelain. If the streak appears blue, then the stone
it is authentic. If it appears white, it is sodalite.

How to clean and recharge lapis lazuli?

It is important to clean and purify the stones regularly to remove all of them
accumulated negative energies.

Lapis lazuli is a very fragile stone. So you need to lend
pay attention to its maintenance and avoid salty or too hot water. AND
a bath of tap water or distilled water is sufficient during the
Night. It is advisable to use a dry or slightly damp cloth for
clean it.

You can purify the stone with a flower of life or white sage.
To recharge her with energy, moonshine is highly recommended.


Lapis lazuli is much more than a stone.

One of the most interesting aspects are its powers and its
property. It is considered a universal symbol of wisdom and truth at the same time.

You can discover the beauty of this stone in the BITTI Montecarlo collection, where it is enclosed by two bowls treated with a galvanic bath
24- karat gold, in the gold-colored line, and 925 silver in the silver collection, both on bracelets and necklaces.

The deep blue color also gives the wearer a regal meaning, with
a strong divine and spiritual charge.

Whether you wear it as a jewel or keep it in your pocket for its properties
metaphysics, Lapis Lazuli can help you tap into your wisdom
inner and to unlock your full potential.

So why not consider adding this precious stone into your
your life today?

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