The gold galvanic bath: what it is and how it works

Il bagno galvanico oro: cos'è e come funziona

The gold galvanic bath it is a technique that is used to coat metal objects with a layer of gold.

Gilding is certainly one of the themes that most fascinates jewelry designers. In fact, this process is very popular in jewelry and some industrial sectors.

In this article we will explore how gold plating happens, including the different types of solutions used, the equipment needed and the steps in the process.

If you are a jewelry maker or simply curious about the technology behind gold plating, this article will provide a comprehensive overview of this fascinating process.

Galvanic gold meaning

Galvanic bath is named after the scientist Luigi Galvanico , and is the technique in which you immerse specific objects in a solution to subject them to electroplating .

Gold galvanic bath is a plating technique that uses gold to coat metal objects. This process happens through electrolysis , where gold is dissolved in an electrolytic solution and then deposited on the surface of the object to be plated.

The result is a uniform and resistant coating that gives the object a luxurious and long-lasting appearance.

The gold plating bath is very popular in jewelry, but is also used in other industrial sectors such as electronics and aerospace.

How does the galvanic bath process work?

The plating process of the gold galvanic bath occurs through electrolysis.

The gold is dissolved in an electrolyte solution and the object to be plated is immersed in the solution. A gold electrode is placed in the electrolyte solution and another electrode is connected to the object to be plated.

When an electric current is applied, gold ions move towards the object to be plated and are deposited on its surface. The process continues until the object reaches the desired thickness of gold coating.

This video shows the process of gilding a metal object.

What are the advantages of using the gold galvanic bath?

The use of the gold galvanic bath offers numerous advantages.

Firstly, gold is a very corrosion-resistant metal, so the gold coating protects the item from any damage caused by oxidation.


  • Convenient : the gold plating bath proves to be revolutionary for some sectors, in particular jewellery.

This is because using a gold-plated coating is much more cost-effective than producing a pure, solid gold product. Plating products with gold is not only a cheaper alternative, but the final finish looks strikingly similar to real gold.

  • Decorative : This is a great way to add decorative details. It can make products more attractive and elegant.
  • Strong Structure : Products that have undergone gold plating are structurally very strong, even more so than real gold! This is because real gold is much softer.


  • Possible tarnishing : The main disadvantage of gold plating, rather than using real gold, is tarnishing. To reduce oxidation, it is recommended to frequently polish gold-plated items to prolong their shine.
  • Less resistant to water : Items that have undergone the gold plating process are less resistant to water. Gold plating is not recommended for any product designed to be immersed in water.

Which metal objects can be coated with gold?

The gold plating bath can be used to coat a wide range of metal objects, including jewellery, watches, kitchen utensils, car parts and electronic components.

However, it is important to note that the item must be able to withstand the high temperatures and chemicals used in the plating process. Before proceeding with gold plating, it is advisable to consult a professional to evaluate the feasibility of the process for the object in question.

What are the precautions to take during the galvanic bath process?

During the plating process with the gold galvanic bath, it is important to take some precautions to ensure the safety and quality of the final result.

It is important to wear protective clothing, such as gloves and glasses, to avoid direct contact with the chemicals used. Therefore, it is advisable to work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling toxic vapors.

It is also essential to use the correct tools and techniques for the job. For example, before proceeding with electroplating, you need to ensure that the substrate (the material to be plated) is clean and well prepared. Additionally, care must be taken to avoid excess plating, which can make the plated material brittle.

Maintenance: how to prolong the life of a golden object

You can prolong the life and maintain the brilliance of your jewelery by following a few simple rules:

  1. Put the products away before going to the bathroom, sauna or gym. Avoid contact with water!
  2. Do not allow jewelry to come into contact with household chemicals. Cleaning must be carried out with rubber gloves.
  3. It is recommended to protect the product from mechanical damage and avoid intense friction.

How much does a galvanic bath cost?

The cost of a gold plating bath depends on several factors, including the type of bath, the complexity of the equipment used, and the price of gold at a particular time.

Typically, prices range from:

  • 24K 999/1000 approximately € 50 per gram
  • 24K 916/1000 approximately € 47 per gram
  • 18K approximately €750/1000 38 per gram

Smaller units, used for hobbyists, typically cost less than larger commercial-grade equipment. The size and complexity of the system also affect the price. For example, more complex systems with filters, temperature control and other features can cost more than simpler systems. Furthermore, the prices also depend on the galvanic solution used.


In conclusion, gold plating is a process that uses electricity to deposit a thin layer of gold onto metal objects. This is a many times advantageous and cheaper alternative to purchasing gold objects.

It's an ingenious process that has revolutionized the jewelry industry. Due to its ability to create a durable and beautiful gold finish, it is no wonder that it has become the method of choice for many craftsmen and manufacturers.

Therefore, if you are looking for a complement to your look, look no further!

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