Green Fluorescence: The Trendy Color of 2023

Green Fluorescence: Il Trendy Colore del 2023

Where does the 2023 trend for Fluo Green come from?

The neon green trend for 2023 is inspired by the search for a bold and lively style. Fashion is embracing neon colors to capture attention and convey positive energy. Fluorescent green, in particular, recalls lush nature and attracts the eye, making it perfect for street style and summer outfits. The lively shade of neon green embodies the spirit of novelty and renewal, becoming a must-have for those who want to stand out and follow the latest trends.

How to Match Fluo Colors

Pairing neon colors requires a balance between boldness and sophistication. An important rule is to use a neon color as the focal point of the outfit, avoiding overloading the look with too many bright shades. An example is wearing a neon green shirt with black trousers and neutral accessories, thus allowing the neon green to stand out and attract attention, or a black dress with neon green accessories.

Colors that Match Fluo Green

Fluorescent green is one of the most eye-catching and versatile colors, and can be combined in creative and original ways. Some of the colors that pair well with neon green include:

  • COMBINATION WITH WHITE: Creates a fresh and clean contrast, highlighting the fluorescent green.
  • COMBINATION WITH BLACK: Adds a touch of elegance and makes the fluorescent green even more intense.
  • COMBINATION WITH PINK: For a feminine and lively look, pink blends perfectly with neon green.
  • COMBINATION WITH BLUE: For a fresh summer look.
  • COMBINATION WITH YELLOW: Creates a bold and energetic combination, perfect for summer days.

BITTI and the colorful jewels of the Burano Line

Some of the colors of the BITTI MILANO jewels from the BURANO line

BITTI, the Made in Italy jewelry company, has captured the energy of the neon green trend with its Burano line. The collection offers chains made with resistant and at the same time light materials, in more than 30 color shades including fluorescent ones.

The Burano by BITTI MILANO bracelets and necklaces are the perfect accessory to add a touch of color and style to your look, while transmitting the elegance and refinement typical of Made in Italy jewels. The jewels are available on the website

BITTI necklace Burano line made of two white and fluorescent pink bracelets
Burano bracelet by BITTI MILANO in the green palette

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