Timeless elegance: the total black look

Eleganza senza tempo: il look total black

The total black look has always been synonymous with elegance and refinement, a timeless style option that adapts perfectly to different occasions. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the all-black dress code and reveal who always dresses in black. We will also find out how girls who like to wear this dark shade are often identified. Furthermore, we will explore the origins of the all-black look and reveal who the celebrity who wears the most black is. We will conclude by talking about the refined dark palette of BITTI MILANO jewels, which gives a touch of luxury and style to your total black outfit.

What does Total Black Dress Code mean?

The total black dress code refers to an outfit composed exclusively of black clothing and accessories. This style is a classic of elegance and can be adopted for formal events, special evenings or even in everyday life for those who love to express refinement and self-confidence. Total black is a versatile and sophisticated option that allows you to create timeless looks.

Who Always Dresses in Black?

The total black look is a style preference for many people, both men and women, passionate about fashion and elegance. Celebrities, fashion icons and famous artists often choose black for its mysterious charm and its power to capture attention. Even ordinary people adopt the total black look to feel refined and confident in every situation.

total black look

What are the names of girls who dress in black?

Girls who like to frequently wear black clothing are often called " Gothic " or "Dark Fashion". These terms derive from the "Goth" subculture, which influenced fashion with a style based on dark clothing and unusual accessories. However, it is important to underline that not all girls who choose total black belong to this subculture. Many simply adopt the all-black look for its timeless appeal and versatility.

The goth subculture

The goth subculture, often simply called "Goth", is a cultural and artistic movement that began in the 1980s. The term "goth" comes from the word "gothic", which originally referred to Gothic architecture of the medieval period. The goth subculture is characterized by a specific lifestyle, fashion and aesthetic sensitivity.

Followers of the goth subculture typically embrace a clothing style and image characterized by dark colors, such as black, burgundy, purple, and dark blue. They often wear black clothes, dark eye makeup and unusual accessories, such as cross necklaces, chokers, leather bracelets and studded belts. The goth subculture is known for embracing an androgynous clothing style and breaking away from traditional beauty standards.

Music is a fundamental element of the goth subculture. The main musical genre associated with goths is gothic rock, which incorporates elements of post-punk, dark wave and alternative rock music. Iconic bands like The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy helped define the sound and aesthetic of the goth subculture.

In addition to music and clothing style, the goth subculture is also expressed through other art forms, such as literature, poetry, cinema and visual art. Common themes in goth artwork include dark romance, death, the supernatural, and mystery.

It is important to underline that the goth subculture is very diverse and includes various shades of styles and interests. Some people may be inspired by the aesthetic side of the goth subculture without necessarily sharing all its cultural and philosophical aspects. The goth subculture has had a significant impact on fashion and popular culture, and continues to influence the art and lifestyle of many people around the world.

goth subculture

Where does the Total Black Look come from?

The total black look has a long and fascinating history. Already in the 1920s and 1930s, black became popular thanks to designers such as Coco Chanel , who introduced the iconic " little black dress ". Over the years, total black has become a symbol of elegance and minimalism, associated with style icons such as Audrey Hepburn. Today, the all-black look is still much loved and remains a timeless style choice.

little black dress coco chanel

little black dress Coco Chanel

Who is the Celebrity Who Dresses Blackest?

Anna Wintour, the famous editor-in-chief of American Vogue, stands out among the celebrities who most frequently wear black dresses. With her iconic haircut and dark sunglasses, Anna Wintour is known for her all-black outfits, which express impeccable elegance and an unmistakable presence.

Anna Wintour and total black looks

The Refined Dark Palette of BITTI MILANO Jewels

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Black bitti jewels

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