How to Create the Perfect Barbie Look

Come Creare un Look da Barbie Perfetta

Barbie's look has always been synonymous with elegance, style and refinement. Creating an outfit inspired by the famous doll can be a fun and fascinating experience. In this article, we'll explore how to get the perfect Barbie look, while also answering questions about the most precious Barbies in the world. Furthermore, we will discover how the jewels of BITTI MILANO, a Made in Italy jewelery company, can be the perfect accessory to complete your true Barbie look.

Which Barbie dolls are worth the most?

Some Barbies are particularly rare and sought after by collectors, reaching considerable prices. Among the most valuable Barbies include the "Barbie No. 1 Blonde", the "Barbie Ponytail No. 1 Brunette", the "Barbie De Beers 40th Anniversary" and the "Barbie Lorraine Schwartz". These limited and special editions can be worth thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars.

barbie n.1

Barbie n.1 from 1959 with its original sales box

Barbie n.1 Ponytail Brunette

Barbie The Beers 40th Anniversary which with its 160 diamonds represents one of the most expensive Barbies in the world

The value of old Barbies can vary greatly based on the rarity and condition of the doll. Some old Barbies in excellent condition can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, especially if they are limited editions or particularly rare.

How much is the most expensive Barbie?

The most expensive Barbie can reach very high figures. Some exclusive editions created in collaboration with renowned designers can easily exceed ten thousand dollars.

What is the most expensive Barbie in the world?

The most expensive Barbie in the world varies over time, as new exclusive editions may be created periodically. Currently, some of the most expensive Barbies include special editions in collaboration with famous jewelry houses or designers. But let's still try to draw up a list of Barbies that do not fall into the "special collaboration" category to give an idea of ​​the hit list of the most expensive ones in the world:

1. Barbie n 1 from 1959 worth €24,839

2. Dahlia Barbie from 2006 worth €2,192

Dahlia Barbie from 2006

3. Golden Gala Barbie, 2009, worth €1312

The origins of pink and neon pink of the Barbie look

The typical colors of Barbie looks are pink and neon pink , which represent the very essence of Barbie and her glamorous and bold style. But have you ever wondered where this choice comes from?

The pink and neon pink color of Barbies comes from the doll's original design choice and its brand identity. When Barbie was created in 1959 by designer Ruth Handler for the toy company Mattel, pink was chosen as the predominant color for her dress and accessories.

Pink was selected to represent a feminine and glamorous image, in line with the fashion and trends of the time. Pink was considered a color traditionally associated with girls and femininity, and Barbie was meant to frame the idea of ​​a sophisticated and fashionable female figure.

In subsequent years, pink became Barbie's signature color and continued to be used for clothing, accessories, and product packaging related to the Barbie brand. The neon pink color, however, has been introduced in several collections and special editions of Barbie to add a touch of modernity and boldness, always remaining faithful to the essence of the doll.

The color pink has therefore become an iconic attribute of Barbie, helping to consolidate its brand identity and its recognisability throughout the world. Today, pink and neon pink continue to be an integral part of Barbie's unique aesthetic and style, reinforcing her status as an icon of feminine fashion and elegance.

Barbie's original pink is often described as a bright, delicate pastel pink. It could be approximated using some of the following Pantones, which are commonly associated with similar shades of pink:

  1. Pantone 219 C

  1. Pantone 182 C

  1. Pantone 226 C

  1. Pantone 230C

BITTI MILANO Jewelry: A Perfect Accessory for the Barbie Look

If you want to complete your Barbie look with a touch of Italian elegance, BITTI MILANO jewelery is the ideal choice. With their craftsmanship and Made in Italy, they represent a guarantee of quality and timeless style. The "Burano" and "Porto" collection by BITTI MILANO offers a vast selection of jewels in pink and neon pink tones, perfect for emphasizing the elegance of your Barbie look.

You can choose between the Burano Pink Silver Necklace , the Burano Pink Gold Necklace , the Porto Silver Pink Necklace , the Burano Pink Silver Bracelet , the Porto Silver Fuchsia Necklace and the Porto Gold Fuchsia Necklace and even the light pink . Each of these unique pieces will add a touch of sophistication and glamor to your Barbie look.

For further information and to discover the beauty of BITTI MILANO jewels, visit the official website: . Choosing the right jewelry is essential to creating an authentic and refined Barbie look. BITTI MILANO jewelry not only perfectly matches Barbie's style, but also adds a touch of authentic Italianness to your outfit. Italian craftsmanship is renowned throughout the world, and by wearing jewelery made by expert Italian goldsmiths, you will carry with you the tradition and elegance of centuries of goldsmith craftsmanship.

Give a piece of Barbie with BITTI MILANO

If you are a Barbie fan and want to share this passion with a special person, BITTI MILANO jewelery can be the perfect gift. The exclusive and refined creations of this Italian company represent a piece of history and elegance that will last over time, just like the myth of Barbie. Surprise someone special with a BITTI MILANO jewel, a symbol of affection and refinement that will be appreciated forever.


Creating the perfect Barbie look is a fun experience that allows you to explore the iconic and glamorous style of the famous doll. BITTI MILANO jewels, with their Italian craftsmanship and elegant design, are the ideal accessory to complete your Barbie outfit. Explore BITTI MILANO's "Burano" and "Porto" collection to find the perfect piece that will express your personality and unique style. Add a touch of Italian style and elegance to your Barbie look with Made in Italy jewels from BITTI MILANO, and live the experience of wearing a precious and refined accessory as only Barbie can be.

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