BITTI Milano: The Quintessential Made in Italy Jewelery for Every Style

BITTI Milano: La Quintessenza dei Gioielli Made in Italy per Ogni Stile

Explore the fascinating world of BITTI Milano jewels , where Italian craftsmanship combines with modernity to create unforgettable pieces full of personality. Our exclusive collections are a journey through the eternal beauty of precious materials, the uniqueness of designs and the passion for the goldsmith's art.

A Treasure of Necklaces and Bracelets

BITTI Milano necklaces and bracelets are more than simple jewels; they are expressions of style and personality. From the elegant and versatile layered necklaces of the Porto line, to the delicate and distinctive bracelets, each piece is created to enhance your essence.

Porto Nera gold necklace combined with the gold Flaminia necklace

The Elegance of Gold and Silver

The color variations of our gold and silver jewelery are the representation of Italian craftsmanship. The shine of the gold color and the brilliance of the silver color blend with innovative designs to create jewels that speak of timeless elegance.

Marzia necklace and bracelet from the Roma line

The Art of Handmade Jewellery

BITTI Milano is synonymous with handmade jewellery . The love and dedication we put into every stage of creation is reflected in the finesse of detail and the uncompromising quality of our jewellery.

The Magic of Precious Stones

Our collection of gemstone jewelry from the Montecarlo line is a tribute to the natural beauty and variety of colors that mother nature offers. Gemstones add a touch of color and unique elegance to our designs. Each stone has a precise meaning and a precise power, have fun discovering them on our site.

Montecarlo gold variant necklace in Aulite stone, the stone of transformation

A World of Chains and Layered Necklaces

BITTI Milano's layered chains and necklaces offer a new dimension of style. The overlapping of chains of different lengths and styles creates a contemporary and sophisticated look that suits any occasion.

An example of this are the creations of the Porto line which offer an inimitable and sophisticated look at the same time. Available in various colors they dress the woman, giving her a touch of elegance but at the same time also of character.

stratified chains

Porto red and gold chain necklace

Porto orange and gold chain necklace

Another example of layered chains are the jewels of the Roma line which, combined together, are extremely chic and luxurious.

In the image we show the combo of two chains: the Augusta gold chain together with the Livia gold chain.

Who we are

BITTI Milano represents the passion for quality jewelry and the essence of Italian design. Each jewel is a unique creation that celebrates the Italian goldsmith tradition, while offering a touch of modernity. Discover our collection and find the perfect jewel that will complement your style on every occasion.

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