Venice Film Festival: Red carpet, style and VIPs

Festival del cinema di Venezia: Red carpet, stile e VIP

The magic of cinema and the elegance of jewels come together in an enchanting union at the 80th Venice International Film Festival. A prestigious event that enchants the souls of cinema lovers from all over the world, presenting the most extraordinary and engaging cinematographic works. This edition is even more special, as BITTI MILANO, the renowned luxury jewelery and costume jewelery brand, is the proud official sponsor of the Kinèo award.

Venice: A History of Cinematographic Elegance and Passion

The Venice Film Festival is an icon that transcends time. Founded way back in 1932, this festival has illuminated the Venetian lagoon with the glow of the stars and cinematic art. Every year, filmmakers, actors and enthusiasts come together to celebrate creativity and innovation in the film industry. The enchanting scenery of Venice acts as the perfect backdrop for this artistic celebration, adding a unique dimension of beauty and romance.

The Venice Film Festival, affectionately known as the Venice Biennale, is an institution steeped in history and passion for cinema. This extraordinary event has grown from humble beginnings and has evolved into one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

An Unexpected Origin

The idea of ​​creating a film festival in Venice did not initially arise from a desire to celebrate cinema. In 1932, during the Mostra d'Arte Cinematografica, the Italian fascist government decided to organize an "International Cinematographic Art Exhibition". The event was meant to serve as a showcase for Italian cinema, but surprisingly it attracted international attention and turned into a film competition, thus inaugurating the first Venice Film Festival.

The First Red Carpet

The first edition of the festival, held in August 1932, took place on the Venice Lido . A red carpet, a symbol of luxury and hospitality, was rolled out for the first time on the occasion of this Venice Film Festival, inaugurating a tradition that now characterizes all major film events.

The first edition of the festival saw the red carpet being rolled out along the Venice Lido , where the event was taking place. That red carpet was not only a scenic addition, but a warm welcome and homage to the high-profile guests who attended the event.

The idea of ​​rolling out a red carpet wasn't just aesthetic, it had profound meaning. The red carpet symbolized the hospitality , grandeur and importance of the event. As attendees walked the red carpet, the street was transformed into a passageway of honor, a catwalk of glamor and splendor.

Since those early days, the red carpet tradition has grown and spread across the globe. Today, it's an unmistakable feature of major events, from film festivals to film awards and high-profile events. The red carpet has become a place where fashion, style and glamor merge with the art of cinema, creating an atmosphere of magic and anticipation.

Who will be at the Venice Film Festival 2023?

Among those present this year at the Venice film festival, the names of Sofia Coppola and Woody Allen, Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain and Adam Driver stand out. One of the important Italian names that stands out is that of Liliana Cavani, the ninety-year-old Modenese director, who will receive the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. A similar recognition will also be awarded to actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai.

Kinèo Award: 21 Years of Cinematographic Excellence

The Kinèo Award, now in its 21st edition, is a tribute to cinematographic mastery and is an official collateral event at the Venice Film Festival's Film Art Exhibition .

It was established at the beginning of 2002 with the specific aim of supporting and enhancing Italian cinema during a period of considerable difficulty, in conjunction with the new delegated provisions of the cinema law.

This mission has guided the organization in creating the recognition of the Kinéo Award (Diamonds for Cinema), aiming to give a voice to cinemagoers. This voice has proved to be fundamental for the cinematographic industry, the operation of theaters and, consequently, for the very vitality of cinematographic art.

In line with its purpose, the event addressed a crucial issue, namely the link between cinema and the business world, through the International Conference "Cinema in the Corporate Universe". In collaboration with advertising agencies, investors, media houses and industry leaders, the event shed light on the challenges and opportunities of film promotion.

This year, the award is further enhanced by the presence of Ana de la Reguera as patroness of the event. The acclaimed Mexican actress, who has captivated both Hollywood and her native country, adds a touch of style and sophistication to the event. Accompanied by award-winning director Michel Franco, Ana de la Reguera is in town to present the competition film "80 Memory," joined by stars like Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard.

BITTI MILANO: Splendor and Refinement in Cinematographic Elegance

Cinema and jewelry share one characteristic: both can capture the attention and imagination like few other art forms . From glittering bracelets to glamorous necklaces, jewelry has always played an important role in the movie industry. From the golden years of Hollywood to contemporary productions, jewels have helped define characters and stories, adding a touch of glamor and meaning to every scene.

As official sponsor of the Kinèo Award, BITTI MILANO brings its own touch of elegance and sophistication to this exceptional cinematic celebration. With a wide range of jewels with unique creations, BITTI MILANO embodies the art of made in Italy craftsmanship and timeless luxury. The jewels add a sparkling touch to this world-class event, symbolizing the union between the glamor of cinema and the beauty of jewels.

In this extraordinary fusion between cinema and luxury biojewelry, BITTI MILANO stands out as a beacon of elegance and style. And while the red carpet sparkles under the lights of the Venice Film Festival, BITTI MILANO jewels will continue to shine as silent witnesses of a fascinating collaboration between cinematic art and made in Italy craftsmanship.

Among the women who have chosen BITTI and who will participate in the Kinèo award we include the wonderful actress and producer Morena Gentile portrayed here wearing the luxurious AUGUSTA necklace from the ROMA line by BITTI, characterized by a parallel curb chain with diamond-coated wire in 24-carat gold galvanic.

Another participant of the Kinèo award is the actress Anna Safroncik portrayed in the photo with a combo of necklaces from the MONTECARLO line by BITTI, characterized by precious stones and 24k gold galvanized ornaments.

We just have to wait for the start of the Festival to get more updates. STAY TUNED.

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